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Wholesaler of refurbished smartphones

The market for refurbished phones is experiencing exponential in Europe and in the World, thanks to an attractive and responsible offering. At Cykero, we specialize in supplying refurbished smartphones and computers for professionals, including iPhones, iPads,, Macs and other PCs. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure a regular supply of quality products at competitive prices.

Our commitment to refurbishment

One of the key elements that set Cykero apart from other wholesalers is our deep commitment to the environment and customer satisfaction. We take all necessary measures to ensure that each of our refurbished phones meets strict criteria for quality and performance. Thus, before being offered in our catalog, each device undergoes a rigorous process of control, cleaning, and refurbishment.

A thorough inspection of each device

To guarantee the quality of our products, we conduct a thorough inspection of each smartphone, checking in particular:

  • The general condition of the device (case, screen, buttons…)
  • The functionalities (camera, speakers, GPS…)
  • The system’s performance (speed…)

Our quality process ensures a product return rate of less than 2%. Each functionality is rigorously tested according to a list of more than 60 criteria using recognized and certified software in the refurbishment sector.

Thorough cleaning and refurbishment

Our refurbished phones are fully cleaned and disinfected before being resold. The previous user’s data are carefully erased, and factory settings are restored.

Attractive prices for professionals

At Cykero, our range of refurbished products offers excellent value for money. Thanks to our supply partners and our expertise in the field of refurbishment, we are able to offer competitive rates to our professional clients. Thus, whether you are a retailer wishing to expand your offer, or a company looking to equip its collaborators with reliable and eco-responsible devices, you will find at Cykero solutions suited to your needs and your budget.

Refurbished phone wholesaler: a winning solution for retailers

As a wholesaler of refurbished phones, we offer our retail clients numerous advantages, such as:

  • A wide selection of quality products
  • Competitive and scaled prices according to the quantities ordered
  • A fast and reliable delivery service
  • Personalized support throughout the purchasing process

Thus, by using the services of Cykero, you can expand your catalogue and meet the growing consumer expectations in terms of environmental responsibility while optimizing your commercial margins.

Refurbished smartphone wholesaler for professionals: a solution tailored to the needs of companies

For companies looking to reduce their ecological footprint and control their costs, acquiring refurbished smartphones is a relevant solution. As a wholesaler specializing in this field, we offer companies a variety of phones and other devices (iPads, Macs…) fully refurbished and ready for use by their collaborators. We also offer volume discounts and bundled offers, allowing companies to equip their employees at a lower cost without compromising on quality.

Customer satisfaction at the heart of our approach

At Cykero, we are committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with all our interlocutors, betting on values such as:

  • Transparency: we clearly and precisely inform our clients about the origin and quality of our products, as well as our sales conditions.
  • Listening: we take into account the specific needs of each client to provide them with a personalized solution.
  • Responsiveness: we do everything to quickly process the requests and orders of our clients, to guarantee their satisfaction.

This client-oriented approach allows us to benefit from an excellent reputation among professionals, who appreciate our reliability and expertise. Beyond our mastery of refurbishment, it is the entirety of our approach that seduces and makes the difference, and it is therefore no surprise that Cykero is today an essential player in this field. So, if you are looking for a serious and committed wholesaler for your refurbished phones, it’s time to turn to

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