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Welcome to Cykero, your trusted destination for high-quality refurbished iPads. Every iPad we sell undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process to ensure that you receive a reliable and like-new device. You can find more information about the process here.

iPad 10.2 (2021)

9e génération 64 Go – WiFi – Gris Sidéral

iPad Pro
12.9 (2021)

5e génération 64 Go – WiFi – Gris Sidéral

iPad mini

6e génération 64 Go – WiFi – Gris Sidéral

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Why an Ipad ?

Choosing an iPad means investing in versatility, efficiency, and innovation. Its lightweight design and long battery life ensure you can work, learn, and play anywhere, anytime. The iPad’s high-resolution Retina display offers stunning visuals for both creative projects and entertainment, while its powerful chip delivers smooth performance across apps and games. Compatibility with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard transforms it into a digital canvas and a productivity powerhouse. With access to millions of apps in the App Store, the iPad is an endlessly adaptable tool tailored to your personal and professional needs.

Complete Refurbishment Strategy​

Cykero’s iPad refurbishment involves a detailed process for optimal quality. It starts with a thorough diagnostic to identify issues, followed by the repair or replacement of defective parts with high-quality components. The iPads then undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure full functionality.

You can find more information about our refurbishment process here.

Top notch quality

50+ control points on each device

Battery 85%

85%+ battery health is is super healthy

12-month warranty

We protect you at all costs.

Save 175g of waste

On average for a used mobile phone